5 rain safety tips for tourists in Ghana

Ghana has always been a country loved for it’s clear and warm weather.

The sun is usually very hot and the clouds are often clear. A look up the sky a lot of times in the year gives a beautiful blue colour which is very pleasing to the eye.

For tourists and foreign travellers, this is the perfect weather for holidays.

The best time to visit Ghana is during the dry season or to be very precise, anytime apart from the rainy season.

As life may have it, we don’t always get things our way and the occasional rains may fall. However, this doesn’t stop tourists from having a great time.

It’s May already and the rains have started. Unfortunately for lovers of clear weather and sun, we still have the more intensive rainy months of June/July to come.

For leisure travelers, that vacation can probably be postponed to later this year when the sun is back up more regularly.

For business travelers who cannot alter their travel plans, all is not lost for you. There are great ways to stay safe in Ghana during the rainy season and still enjoy some great times touring.

Peraz Tour examines a few ways tourists can stay safe in Ghana during this rainy season.

  • Plan & Prepare

As with every travel, ensure that you plan and prepare adequately. In Ghana, it is very easy to get raincoats and umbrellas.

It is booming business especially around this time.

Nonetheless, ensure that you pack a raincoat, an umbrella and some pullovers to help you stay dry and warm.

You may also need to get some jeans, boots and hoodies. Most streets are sandy which become muddy during rain. It is not advisable to wear a lot of white or bright colored clothes and shoes which may easily catch dirt.

On the other hand, avoid a lot of dark clothes to stay visible because visibility is often not at 100% during rains.

  • Avoid the beaches and outdoor pools 

Who even goes to the beach or pool when it’s raining? Well, you may never know what the urge will be like on any given day. But just before you start nursing that idea, remember that the beach is beautiful because of it’s dry fine beach sand and the wavy blue sea.

When it rains continuously, the sand becomes moist and the sea may be overfilled causing spillage onto the sand and sitting area.

Don’t even try swimming at this time because no matter how good you are, you stand a great risk of drowning. Same applies to the outdoor pools.

You just have no business being there when it rains.

Prevention is always better than cure, Stay safe indoors and visit places of interest that are indoors.

There is a lot to see and do in Ghana apart from the beach and pool.

  • Do not try to walk in flowing or standing water 

The most dangerous thing to attempt is to walk in flowing or standing water.

Especially for tourists and foreign travellers who do not know their way around the cities, you have to ask for directions and places to avoid when it rains.

Some locations get really flooded and it will be in your best interest to stay clear. Six inches of standing water can harbour sharp objects and so much filth underneath that can cause you serious injuries.

Also flowing water may be so strong that it can carry you or your items away with it.

You came to Ghana to have fun and not to lose things.

If you really have to go out, then call a taxi. Even then ensure that the driver knows the routes to avoid. You just have to stay safe.

  • Avoid standing under tall trees and electricity poles 

Ghana has a lot of tall trees. Usually found in the villages and places of high vegetation. However, in the main cities there are tall trees as well.

Also, electricity and telecom poles are scattered all over. It will be in your own interest to stay clear of these things.

Trees often break under pressure from winds and can cause serious injury or death when they break and fall.

Electric poles also carry so much voltage and these rains are often associated with thunder and lighting.

Standing close to these electricity poles is risky because you can easily get electrocuted.

You want to go back home in one piece right?

  •  Embrace the bad weather

When all is said and done, the main purpose of your travel has to be achieved.

So go all out and enjoy your stay. Don’t let ‘’bad weather’’ discourage you and cause you to stay indoors throughout your stay.

There are a lot of activities you can undertake even when it’s raining. Sometimes, it’s even perfect to take pictures when it’s raining.

You get amazing shots. Visit monuments and museums which are often indoors or eat at a local chop bar.

Go shopping for souvenirs and do some business.

Whatever you do, just don’t be a roomie all the time. Embrace the bad weather and make the most of it.

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