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Peraz Tour Ghana is a travel and tour organization incorporates in Ghana to provide cutting edge but affordable travel and tour services to prospective clients across Ghana and beyond.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are always ready to offer tailor made services to meet the needs and satisfaction of all our clients. 

In Ghana there are 10 regions with a population of more than 24 million people.

The Volta region is one of the 10 regions of the country and indeed the longest.

Ghana have the best tourism sites forms, values, traditions and customs in the world.

These are usually exhibited not only at functions but also at local ceremonies of the people of Ghana.


It is the vision of Peraz tour Ghana to become a one stop leading travel and tour agency making travel and tour as well as related services easy and affordable to our ever increasing cliental.


  • Promote Ghanaian Culture in Particular and African Culture in General.
  • Promote Ghanaian Tourism and its Development in Ghana.
  • Expose Ghanaian Tourism or Foreigners to the cultural values, traditions, customs and other forms of culture of the people of Ghana.
  • Assist vacation and visiting tourist to learn the county’s dance forms and songs, drama as well as other related cultural values.
  • Guide potential tourists to visit the country’s tourist attraction sites by assisting in accommodation and transport.
  • Teach drumming and dancing as well as its related cultural values.


As a tour agency, our mission is to provide clients with professional and knowledgeable tour guides and to ensure that they see Ghana’s most beautiful and enchanting sights.

As part of our mission, we entertain our clients with an African dance in order to promote the culture, traditions, customs, and other forms of culture of Ghanaians.

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