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Aqua Safari Resort

It is without a doubt that one of the most well-liked weekend destinations outside of Accra, Ghana’s capital city, is the Aqua Safari Resort which is located in Ada, a coastal town in that region.

It is convenient not just for day visits but also for overnight stays at the location in question. 

It is a lovely area filled with flora and animals that correlates with the garden of Eden with an even similar sense of the natural world.

The miniature ponds and aquariums that are included in the design of their space are, without a doubt, among the elements that are unique about it.

You will have the opportunity to witness creatures such as peacocks, guinea fowl, donkeys, diverse species of birds, and horses that roam freely on the grounds without confinement.

Aqua Safari Resort Price lists


There are six distinct categories of rooms, each with its pricing range as well as the level of convenience and luxury the quest demands.

These categories include:

  • The Standard Category with rooms that start at $300 per night.
  • The Superior Standard Room costs $400 per night.
  • During your stay, the cost of a Deluxe Room will be $500.
  • Make a reservation in the Junior Suite for $500 per night.
  • Rooms with a view of the water cost an additional $1000 per night.
  • The monthly cost of renting a villa with two bedrooms is $1500.

Except for the Superior Standard and the Junior Suite, all of the rooms feature a television, a heater, a telephone, free toiletries, a refrigerator, a kettle, and a hairdryer.

The Superior Standard and Junior Suite are the only two room types that lack porches, however, the other rooms all have them.

The two have what is commonly referred to as “French patios,” which are just false walls.

Aqua Safari Resort Packages

You will discover that the Aqua Safari Resort has a barbershop in addition to a garden and a landscape at your disposal during your stay there.

There is no option for a day excursion there without purchasing a package even though it is a day or more luxury.  

Adult tickets start at $ 160, while child tickets start at $ 110, and go all the way up to $ 470 and $295, respectively.

Some meals and activities are included, and you may add on more for an additional fee if you choose.

  • The Full Day package goes for 530 GHS
  • Half of Day package goes for 400 GHS
  • Room Visitor goes for 850 GHS

And these packages run for;

  • Family package
  • Honeymoon package- butterfly package and oyster package

Here are the entitlements  Available for exploration at Aqua Safari Resort

  • Indulging in a Swedish massage or any of the other services that are available at the spa at your disposal. 
  • The Barracuda restaurant, which may be found on the premises, can be seen in a beachfront setting. 
  • Guests can take advantage of staying connected with the complimentary in-room WiFi, and additional amenities such as laundry facilities and 4 bars are available to them during their stay. 
  • Guests can also choose from a variety of dining options.

In addition to that, there are benefits such as the following:

  • 2 outdoor pools
  • Free self-parking space
  • The breakfast buffet guests can purchase for an additional fee. 
  • Additionally, available newspapers and round-the-clock front desk service are also provided.
  • Luggage storing space.
  • Well structured swimming pool and the breakfast 

The rooms at Aqua Safari Resort come complete with typical conveniences such as air conditioning and round-the-clock room service, in addition to luxurious amenities such as free Wi-Fi and safes.

Aqua Safari Resort Contact

The preservation of the natural environment as is physically feasible is Aqua Safari’s overarching goal. This can be done by striking a balance between nature and modernity; hence, the slogan of the company is “Bringing you closer to nature.”

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +233540110190


If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in a beautiful setting, look no further than Aqua Safari Resort, a premier eco-friendly luxury retreat resort in the heart of Ada in the greater Accra region of Ghana, West Africa.

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