Bridge view resort: pricelist, menu, & contact

Bridge view resort

One of the best ways to have a vacation that is both pleasant and practically unconstrained is to stay at an encompassing resort.

You may relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about draining your bank account on the regular to pay for things like exotic drinks like wines or champagne, spa treatments, and outdoor adventures like sea surfing or yoga.

If you’re looking for a vacation that takes care of everything, all-inclusive resorts are a fantastic alternative.

The experience of arriving at BridgeView is like discovering a magical haven.

Encompassed the stunning Akosombo Mountains and one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, Lake Volta.

BridgeView, the finest in opulent lodgings in the country’s outskirts, blends in with the surrounding forest. In addition to the beautiful landscape, guests can relax in one of the hotel’s contemporary rooms.

A significant proportion of the resort rooms look towards the beautiful Volta lake, while some showcase its exuberant backyard.

The exquisite infrastructure of this resort transports guests to an oasis of peace and seclusion, from which they can venture forth to discover the limitless landscapes of land and sea that are located all around them.

Because of its lush tropical setting, rooftop restaurant and bar, and devoted staff, this resort is an excellent choice for hosting themed parties, destination weddings, or business get-togethers of any kind.

BridgeView Resort Pricelist

  • Pricing Of Rooms

 Bridge View resort suites

 Bridge View resort ( Standard Suite)

Your stay in this roomy apartment, which contains one bedroom, has been deliberately designed to give you an experience that is both pleasant and unforgettable over the entirety of your visit with just $300 per night.

You will have a sense of complete revitalization while you are on your picture-perfect vacation as a result of the availability of a private balcony as well as the breathtaking views of the Adomi bridge, rolling hills, and mountain range that are provided.

Bridge View resort (Executive Suite)

The two-bedroom deluxe suite not only features a more spacious living area, but it also comes with a huge balcony that brings you closer to our revered national landmark, the Adomi bridge, as well as the gorgeous mountain range that frames it. Because of the space’s exquisite design and the luxurious amenities it offers, you are certain to have a mystical experience while you are there. This is because of the combination of the two factors. This executive suite costs $550 per night.

Poolside Pricing

Bridge view resort Poolside Pricing
Bridge view resort Poolside Pricing

A deposit of three hundred Ghana cedis, which will be applied to your final bill, is required to reserve a table for dining poolside.

Seating on the upper terrace can also be reserved for an additional deposit of 350 Ghana cedis, which will be applied to the total price of your purchase.

Cabanas Pricing

Renting a private cabana will set you back 600 Ghana cedis per hour.

Six people can stay in each cabana.

For 5,000 Ghana cedis, you may rent a private cabana for the day, along with three trays of finger foods, three bottles of champagne, and one bottle each of Grey Goose and Black Labels.

You may rent it for the entire day for 3000 Ghana cedis, and that price includes a bottle of champagne, a bottle of Grey Goose, and a bottle of Black Label.

BridgeView Menu

Bridge View Resort features varieties of content on its menu. On the menu, you’ll find a variety of dining, as well as pizza, salad, and pasta options.

They include;

  • Salas
  • Heavy bite
  • Pizza selection
  • Smart Bakers
  • Light Bite
  • BridgeView platter
  • Grills and steak
  • Vegans
  • Side Dish
  • Sweet and threat

The restaurants at the Bridgeview Resort offer guests a wide range of delicious cuisine at affordable prices

BridgeView Contact

The BridgeView Resort may be found in Ghana’s Akosombo region, specifically at the Atimpoku Roundabout.

Contact information can be found at +233 242 220 920, +233 200 009 977, and +233 242 223 100.

Email: [email protected]


When looking for a destination to take the family on vacation, one of the greatest options is Bridge View Resort.

There aren’t many locales that can compare to the grandeur and pristine beauty that visitors experience here. Tourists at Bridge View Resort may expect a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

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