Type of Jobs You Can Do in Canada Without a Work Permit

Dreaming of a fresh start in Canada’s vibrant landscapes and diverse cities? While securing a work permit is often the first step, it doesn’t have to be the only one.

What if you could skip the paperwork and dive headfirst into your Canadian adventure? Well, buckle up, because there’s a treasure trove of exciting jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit waiting to be explored!


Being an ordained minister as a foreign national, or you are a member of a religious order, or even a layperson, it is possible to qualify for a work permit exemption.

Crew Member

A bus driver, truck driver, shipping, or airline worker who is a foreign national may qualify for a work permit exemption under two conditions. First, your work has to be related to operating vehicles, and second, the vehicles you are working on must be owned and registered by enterprises outside of Canada and used to transport passengers or cargo internationally.

Civil Aviation Minister

Peradventure, you are employed to check cabin safety and flight operations of international flights through Canada, and you are qualified for a work permit exemption.

Convention Organizer

You may qualify for a work permit exemption if you spearhead or organize international conventions or meetings. However, this only applies to the heads of those organizing the convention. The rest of the crew must possess proper work authorization.

Emergency Service Provider

As a foreign national working in Canada to provide services in an emergency, you may qualify for a work permit exemption. Emergencies here include industrial accidents, natural disasters, and so on.

Military Personnel

To qualify for work permit exemption in Canada as military personnel from another country, you must possess movement orders that state that you’re entering Canada under the Visiting Forces Act.

Athlete or Coach

As a foreign national and a member of a foreign athletic team competing in Canada, you are not required to have a work permit.

Business Visitor

A foreign national entering Canada to carry out business activities but not enter the labor market will not require a work permit.

Aviation Accident or Incident Investigator

To qualify for work permit exemption as an investigator in Canada, you must be an accredited adviser or agent, and the investigation must be under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.

Student Working on Campus

As a full-time international student in Canada, you are not required to have a work permit to work on your campus of study. You can work 20 hours per week during study periods and full-time during the scheduled holidays.

Other Jobs That do not Require a Work Permit Include:

  • Healthcare student
  • Aviation and incident investigator
  • Business visitor
  • Foreign government officer
  • Examiner and evaluator
  • Family of foreign representatives
  • News reporter
  • Referee or judge or a similar official
  • Expert witness or investigator
  • Athlete or Coach
  • Performing artiste
  • Public speaker
  • Short term researcher
  • Short term highly skilled worker

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